Rumor: New Crash Bandicoot title coming sooner than we think?

*Update* Never Mind, The page has been confirmed fake. Sorry if you guys got excited. Still have hope. =(

A while ago, We at FGN reported that a new Crash Bandicoot title could possibly be coming however this was proven to be false when a worker from Vicarious Visions had said that the poster was concept art from a cancelled Crash game. Now it is looking likely that he was possibly lying. Last night, The Crash Bandicoot official site from Activision supposedly had the following image on the home page.

Could the website be telling the truth? Is he back?

Could the website be telling the truth? Is he back?

Now until this is confirmed this is a rumor/leak however it is rather odd that Activision’s official Crash site has been taken down at the moment. Plus it could be possible that this is one of Vicarious Visions’ 2 remaining secret projects titled Project Atlantis & Project Phoenix with 3rd project which was revealed as Skylander’s Swap Force. Hopefully it is confirmed or debunked soon enough. This is a rumor for now but we will wait & see.

So would you like to see Crash make a glorious return? How would you feel about Vicarious Visions doing a console Crash game? Would you pick it up? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to FGN for more news on Crash Bandicoot as it develops.

Article by Matthew McNamee, Chief editor at FGN.

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